Personalized Collars

Personalized collars are unique and designed to ensure the safety of your cats. They come with a safety buckle as well. They are made of nylon material and are easily adjustable to suit any cat size. The most amazing thing about the personalized collars is the liberty to choose what the pet owners want specifically for the cats.

Personalized collars allow the cats to have fun with unique patterns and customized collars with tag. They are available in a wide range of colors as well from black to blue, pink, and purple among others. The collars can be easily customized with phone numbers of the pet owner and their name for security and easy return. Some have the initials or the name of the pet.

The personalized collars can have a bit of addition and touch such as ID tags, bells, bandana collar, and bowties among other charms.  It is affordable and retails between $5.49-$6.99 depending on the customization and other needs.

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