Sleepers and Beds

Cats are known to spend about a solid two-thirds of their lives while sleeping. Sleeping is an important element when it comes to cats and when they are not playing or feeding, they are sleeping. It is important to make sure you select unique or custom made sleepers and beds for the cats that offer ultimate comfort and is efficient throughout.

Many people tend to find it easy, comfortable, relaxing and cozy sleeping or sharing a bed with cats. It comes with health risk and that is why it is recommended to get the pet’s sleepers and beds that can be hand washed and are eco-friendly. The sleepers and beds are made of soft and warm materials that ensure they are comfortable for the cats. They also have a long plush hair that makes them comfortable to touch especially for the cats.

They come in different sizes that suit all the cat sizes. Small size with a 50cm diameter is suitable for pets less than 5kgs, medium size with a diameter of 60 cm is perfect for pets weighing less than 9kgs and large size with a diameter of 70cm is suitable for pets weighing less than 18kgs. There are also large size sleepers and bed that have a diameter of 80cm and ideal for pets weighing less than 25kgs.