Dewel Summer Cat Collar for Protection from Flea, Mosquitoes and Ticks

The Dewel summer cat collar is a high-quality product that every pet owner should have at their disposal. It is safe and effective and suitable for all kinds of cats. Dewel summer cat collar helps protect the cats not only from fleas and mosquitoes but also from ticks, larvae, and lice. It is an all-round and comprehensive protection mechanism from common pests that tend to prey on cats.

Dewel summer cat collar is manufactured using key ingredients and a formula that is hypoallergenic ensuring that the cats do not have an allergic reaction to the product. The main ingredients used for the products are Polyethylene, Linaloe, and Cinnamon oil.

The protection duration of the product makes it an ideal one for the pet owners as it lasts for eight months. The longevity and efficiency during the entire period are unmatched putting it on the same level and above similar products in the market.

The product comes with detailed instructions on how to use it and various lengths and inches as well as the usage time for the collar. The instructions help a big deal especially for new pet owners or people using the product for the first time.

Pros & Cons

  • The product is safe for both cats and humans and ensures they remain healthy throughout.
  • The materials used are non-toxic and safe and work best to remove the fleas, ticks, larvae, mosquitoes, and lice without harming the pets.
  • It has an adjustable length that can be well adjusted to fit the pets perfectly. The size is also fit for all kinds of cats where the extra length can be cut off.
  • The protection period of eight months works on both normal conditions and even in water especially in wet environs. There is no need to remove the collar when the pets are taking a bath.
  • The collar is light in weight. It does not bother the pets or act as a heavy burden affecting their daily routines.
  • The collar is waterproof designed such that it favors wet and watery conditions as when the pets can stay with the collar all along till the next change without worrying about risks when in contact with water.
  • The collar can be used on cats which are eight weeks old and above. For the sick, pregnant and elderly, seeking veterinarian opinion is recommended.
  • It protects against all kinds of insects such as lice, fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, and larvae effectively.
  • It is cost-effective and favors all economic classes.
  • It can last for two years when stored in a well-packaged box.
  • Having no allergy reactions is not 100% guaranteed on all pets as they differ with their situations and infestation. A small percent of the pets still get the allergic reactions.
  • It can be difficult to put the collar on the cat if caution is not taken.

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