Seresto Flea Collar for Cats

The Seresto Flea Collar for Cats is an extremely effective flea and tick killer. It is also quite respected, and it is recommended by many veterinarians all over America.

To start off this review, let’s look at how powerful this collar is and how effective it is at getting rid of parasites like fleas. The Seresto does an amazing job of killing off parasites in a quick and efficient manner.

See, what makes the collar so effective is the fact that it doesn’t require the fleas or ticks to actually bite your cat. So many anti-flea solutions (collars, sprays, pills, etc.) all require the fleas to actually bite into your cat before the solution can kill them.

This not only hurts your cat, but it means that it takes longer for the parasites to die, which increases the chances of them getting off the cat and going onto other animals or onto your furniture.

The Seresto collar starts working almost instantly. Within a few hours, it should have our cat’s flea problem under control. Within a day, the problem should basically be solved. The collar is effective against fleas, their larvae, and ticks. So, in other words, it is effective against the most common parasites that are likely to infest your cat.

In terms of how much upkeep this collar requires, it really doesn’t require any. The collar doesn’t produce any sort of residue or grease that you need to clean off.

It doesn’t lose effectiveness f your cat gets wet, so you don’t need to be worried about keeping them away from water at all times.

Finally, the collar doesn’t produce any sort of odor, so you will likely forget that your cat is actually wearing the collar after a while.

Before ending the review, we should mention how long it protects your cat for. A single collar lasts for roughly 8 months. As we said in an earlier review on the best flea collar for cats article, this is good because it is not only a long period of time, but depending on the weather, it will mean that your cat is protected for the entirety of the flea and tick season.

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  • Starts killing fleas, ticks, and larvae almost instantly.
  • Doesn’t produce a smell or any residue.
  • Fits nicely on different sized cats.
  • Provides long-lasting protection.

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  • Fairly pricey.


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