Dewel Summer Cat Collar | Protection from Flea Mosquitoes Ticks | 8 Months Protection


Given its features and delivery system, the Dewel Summer cat collar has had a great impact on fleas and insect control mechanisms. Dewel summer cat collar is a long term protective product that lasts for eight months. It protects your cat from fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks.

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Key Features

  • The product guarantees long term protection of eight months on normal conditions. The same protection period translates when used in water or under wet conditions.
  • Safety: The product is safe for both pets and humans. It is non-toxic given that it is made using healthy materials and the addition of non-allergenic ingredients that hinder pet allergy. The collar can remove fleas and other insects by immersing them with plant extract for several months.
  • Adjustable size: The collar is 33 cm long and can be adjusted to suit the size of your pet. In cases where the collar is too long, it can be reduced by cutting the extra length to fit your pet perfectly.
  • The Dewel summer cat collar is light in weight thus not a burden to the pet. It is also waterproof and does not need removing when the pet is in water or taking a bath.
  • It is an eco-friendly product with a long-lasting fragrance.

How to Use Dewel Summer cat collar

  1. The collar should be placed on the pet’s neck, adjusted to fit and buckled right.
  2. The collar should be worn loosely to allow movement around the neck and for pet’s growth as well.
  3. Ensure there is a two to three inches left for adjustment.
  4. In case of extra length, it should be cut and disposed of.
  5. For normal conditions, the collar should be replaced every 240 days. In cases where there is a high infestation, it should be replaced more often.

Important Notes

Pet’s skin differs and the reaction to the collar might be different from one another. Some pets can develop allergies and if within a week, a pet has an abnormal reaction, then you should stop using the collar.

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Cat Collars

Protective time

Approx 3-8 Months


33 cm (Adjustable)

Primary Ingredient

Polyethylen, Linaloe, Cinnamon oil

Feature 1

Anti Flea Ticks

Feature 2

Waterproof Collar

Expiration Date (If always sealed )

Approx 2 Years


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