PANASONIC Original CR2032 3v Coin Batteries | For GPS Tracker | Kitchen Scale


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10pcs PANASONIC original brand new battery cr2032 3v button cell coin batteries for watch computer cr 2032


  • Model:cr2032
  • Nominal voltage: 3V
  • Size: 20*3.2mm
  • Shelf life: 5 years
  • Package Status:10pcs
  • Origin of place: Made in Indonesia
  • Used for electronic instrumentation Bluetooth flashlight light gift toy clock light gyro remote control digital products electronic sports music card


  • Panasonic’s mature manufacturing process uses lithium-ion batteries and strict quality inspection to ensure that each product maintains lasting power.
  • No mercury, environmental protection, no harmful substances in the production process, safe and pollution-free, protecting humans and the ecological environment. Low self-discharge rate, 5 years shelf life, suitable for long-term storage

  • Low self-discharge, 5 year shelf life, suitable for long-term storage


  • Do not pile up the batteries in a messy or bare place. When using and storing the battery, avoid direct contact between the positive and negative terminals of the battery and avoid contact between the battery and other metal materials. Because this will cause the battery to be short-circuited with a strong current and generate a lot of heat, causing the battery to catch fire or explode. (A messy, barely stacked battery as shown)
  • Do not throw the battery into the fire. It is extremely dangerous to put the battery in a fire, it may explode and burn.

  • Do not solder directly on the surface of the battery. Heat generated during welding can damage the sealring, diaphragm, and other parts, causing electrolyte leakage and internal short circuits that can cause fire or explosion.

Additional information

Brand Name


Nominal Capacity


Nominal Voltage



20 * 3.2mm

Battery Type


Model Number



Lithium manganese battery

Storage temperature

0-40 degrees

Operating temperature

-20-40 degrees

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